So you want to offer the Chagaccino on your menu, but you’re not quite sure how to reel your customers in. You’ve got the bait, but you need help with the bite. No problem. The cool thing about our wholesale program is that we’re your partner through this thing, every step of the way. Because look, we get it. Selling mushrooms to people who just woke up isn’t easy, especially when they can order their regular and be on their way. 

But hey, it’s all good. That’s why we’ve conjured up a method to make things as smooth for your team as possible. 

We Back Those (Brand) Assets Up

We’re not just going to drop off the goods at your door and peace out. That would be rude. When you link arms with Renude, we make sure your spot has all the materials you need to sell Chagaccino and make a profit. Sidewalk signs, window decals, pins, all of the things—you name it, we’ll pump it out. 

Run a laptop friendly shop and wanna offer your customers some stickers for their machines? We got you. Got a customer who is curious about the goods but doesn’t have time to ask the questions? Give them a one-sheet to take home. We can customize all of these things for your crowd so that it doesn’t feel like some random salesperson from Renude came in, took a dump, and left without washing their hands.

And the best part is, you don’t have to spend an extra dime. It’s on the house.

We Keep Our Circle Tight

The team at Renude is a small but mighty bunch. We’re a group of caffeinated freaks that just want to share the gift of Chagaccino with your crew. When you partner with Renude, you’ll work closely and intimately with one of few chaga dealers, whose main mission is to not leave you hanging.

We Stick Around

We’re not the person that hits you with the “r u up?” text at 3 am. We’re the one that buys you chocolates on a crappy day. Once your cafe tries Chagaccino, we’re in this thing for the long haul. We don’t pass the baton to a third-party company, we keep it all in house. So if you forget to re-up or your sign goes flying in the wind, just hit us up. We’ll personally be there in a second to whittle down your coffee woes. 

We Won’t Leave You Hanging

Working with Renude means you get to work with real people in real time who genuinely want to see this ish soar. That means collaboration is on the house. We’ll hit up nearby businesses to hand out free samples and spread the word on where they can cop the goods on the regular (your address here).

We also offer barista trainings (how to make the perfect Chagaccino), promotional posts on social media, and will add your shop to our store locator. Plus, placing an order with us is a cakewalk. All you’ve got to do is pull up our wholesale website, place an order, and we’ll ship your stash in 24 – 48 hours, always.

We’re Not Stingy

There are a lot of really dope ingredients and qualities that make our Chagaccino delicious as heck. Being stingy is not on that list. If you’re on the fence about our product—whether you’re questioning the taste or whether or not your customers will be intrigued—you can always try out our supply. First bag, on us. No strings attached.

Basically, We Got You. 

If you’ve got more questions on how our wholesale program works or want to try our goods, hit us up. We’re all ears.