Just when you thought you had it all figured out, boom—a sales rep from another company you’ve never heard of calls your cafe. What do they want? Why are they calling? Don’t they know that you’re busy? Cheats, all of them. Blood suckers out for your time and your money. 

In a world full of scams and pyramid schemes, it can be difficult to sniff out what’s worth giving a shot and when to slam down the phone. And even when you know what’s worth giving a shot, it can be nerve wracking to dive into something new when you consider all the things you need to do to dive in with good form. Because putting something new on the menu doesn’t stop at writing it on the board. It goes deeper than that, and trust us, we know.

We’re not here to pitch and ditch. We believe in our product with every fiber of our caffeinated souls. Which is why we’ve put together a program of sorts to help your cafe and the baristas that run it sell, brew, and chalk up all things Chagaccino without the stress and the mess.

Marketing Materials

When it comes to life, especially in the morning, everyone’s a skeptic. Why would someone switch up their go-to morning coffee order for some random mushroom beverage they’ve never heard of? One, because it’s freaking delicious. Two, because trying new things is healthy. But in all seriousness, when someone hits you with the hard questions, hit them with the facts…

As a barista, learning a new drink order is like learning a new dialect of coffee. Let our marketing materials do the talking. Treat them like the flash cards you used to sneak into math exams in junior high.

Barista Training Materials

Our barista training materials are saddled up with everything you need to know about our beloved Chagaccino—from our wildly-forged ingredients to the health benefits and taste. And when you’re on the spot and someone is standing there, tapping their foot and watching you make their drink, don’t be afraid to use our one-sheet to measure out the goods and chop things up to perfection. 

We’ve even got a QR code for a quick how-to in case your paper goes flying away in the wind.

Your Neighborhood Chaga Dealer

Wherever your cafe is, we’ve likely got a chaga rep nearby. Marketing materials are cool and all, but if you’re looking for something extra, we’re more than down to come in and host a quick, interactive barista training.

We’ll go over everything from the ingredients we use, the history of the biz, and the health benefits of chaga so that your team is fully fluent in Chagaccino. Don’t worry, we won’t overstep—we’ll be in and out faster than you can say organic plant-based vegan keto gluten-free non-gmo no junk no sugar.