There are many things that make my insides coil up, but these words in particular give me mental cramps: I’m on a diet. 

It’s none of our business what you eat or how you eat. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat a little healthier. But I can’t help but tighten up a little when someone casually drops that they’re juicing for the low-low price of $200, or nonchalantly scoops out the inside of their bagel. ‘To each their own’ is a motto I’d surely rock on a t-shirt, but when my friend says they look like a pregnant whale, I wanna throw a football at their face.

When did we start feeling so uncomfortable in our own bodies? When did food become less about how we feel inside, and more about how we look on the outside? We may have reached new heights when it comes to body-positivity and inclusivity, and I’ll drink to that, but let’s face it: dieting isn’t going anywhere. The industry as a whole—weight loss plans, meal packages, supplements—is projected to be worth a whopping 295.3 billion dollars in 2027. I’m sorry, come again? About one in five Americans today follow a special diet, which makes me wonder. How many of us are dieting for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the way we physically appear in front of the mirror? 

Not everyone diets to “look snatched”. People do it because their bodies actually reject certain things others can consume without a worry in the world. Celiac’s, diabetes, lactose-intolerance are just some diseases that make being picky a permanent personality trait for specific people. Others wanna save the planet one cup of coffee at a time. We’ve all got our own restrictions to be mindful of, which can make running a one-stop shop that offers something for everyone kind of difficult.

We didn’t create the Chagaccino with the idea that drinking one a day will keep the bad thoughts away. Drinking our stuff won’t turn you into Kate Moss overnight. Your customers should know that. When it comes to dieting culture and wanting to lose weight for unhealthy reasons, we do not stan. 

What we do stan is a recipe that anyone can drink, no matter what dietary restrictions they may have. What your customer should know is that the Chagaccino is organic, plant-based, vegan, keto, paleo, gluten free, non-gmo, and contains no artificial or natural flavors and sugar. If that sentence is too long for your baristas and crew, just tell them to say that this beverage is drinkable for everyone, even for you.